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The Tataviam Land Conservancy is governed by a five-member Board composed of preservation-minded individuals, both tribal and non-tribal, that work collectively with local landowners and Tribal citizens to build a volunteer base, develop funding, and provide leadership to support the TLC’s mission. Today, the loss of tribal lands poses serious challenges for the sovereignty and self-determination of tribal nations. Loss of access to sacred and cultural sites makes it harder for each generation to remain connected to tribal culture and traditional practices. Tribal people traditionally practice a land-based belief system, in which natural features and places on the landscape are fundamental. These practices are still a critical aspect of tribal culture and spirituality today. Unfortunately, many sacred and culturally significant places were destroyed. For those sites that still exist, holding ceremonies is often difficult because of competing interests for land use, permitting requirements, and the private status of many lands.

The TLC works to acquire and protect sacred and cultural sites throughout Los Angeles County so these important locations will be accessible for future generations.

The TLC plans to obtain accreditation per the Land Trust Alliance’s Land Trust Standards & Practices and has obtained legal counsel to adopt appropriate standards for ensure compliance with state and federal law.

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