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A land conservancy is a private, nonprofit organization that works with landowners to conserve land by assisting with direct land transactions. This assistance generally occurs by accepting donated land or by issuing conservation easements. Land conservancies vary greatly in scope and scale, but all share a common mission of working cooperatively with landowners to protect and conserve land for its natural, recreational, scenic, cultural, and historic values. Some land conservancies, like the TLC focus on distinct geographic areas, or lands significant to a particular tribe or community.

The TLC holds Tataviam land in perpetuity, preserving a property’s unique cultural and environmental values. Land ownership offers increased protection to cultural sites because the TLC owns and manages the land or enters co-management partnerships with like-minded agencies and conservation partners. Ownership also prevents loss of cultural connection by providing a place where Tataviam people can gather, teach, and learn about their cultural heritage.