The Pasek’vitam Tataviam (people)

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The distinct community of the present-day Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians originated in the lineages, villages, and cultures of the pre-Mission period. Before the founding of Mission San Fernando, our ancestors in the region lived in autonomous lineages within villages. Each lineage held territory and maintained political and economic sovereignty over its local area, but was also linked through social exchange to neighboring villages and lineages.

Mission San Fernando was established on September 8, 1797, at the village of Achoicominga and, for years following, enslaved our ancestors from the traditional villages in the geographically surrounding area, ranging from present-day Santa Catalina Island and Malibu in the west, Cahuenga and Encino in the south, Tujunga in the east, and the present-day Tejon Ranch in the north.

The map below shows the boundaries of the Tataviam’s traditional territory which spans over 2,371 square miles.